A Guide to Computing, digitally restored by INK

Tuesday, 02 August 2016

Our friends at INK created the Guide to Computing, an intriguing insight into the dawn of computing that virtually preserves these analogue devices for the digital age.

A Guide to Computing, digitally restored by INK

Showing the evolution of processing power throughout the relatively short lifespan of the computing age from the 1950's onward, these machines are clearly of their era. They are incredibly complex, hand-built machines pre-dating the advent of micro-processing; yet they exist to some extent in the DNA of almost every modern device using a circuit board, albeit on a much smaller scale.

For me the most interesting thing is being able to see all of the workings and moving parts. Many of them would not look out of place in a Bond villain's lair with banks of glowing valves, tape reels, patch cables and cabinetry taking cues from mid-century furniture design.

They are monstrous yet beautiful devices - functional with a purity of form often missing in today's mass-produced items. Although entirely useless in the modern age, designs like these have cast a long shadow.

Have a look at The Guide to Computing. We are proud to supply creative tools to INK, so if you are developing your studio then give me a call