Substance Painter receives spring update

Monday, 19 March 2018

Allegorithmic’s spring update for Substance Painter features a new user interface, revamped toolbars, and improved performance.

Substance Painter receives spring update

Features and improvements:

Updated Toolbars, Shortcuts and Layout

Several elements have been added to Substance Painter’s UI including:

  • Dock toolbar: Windows are now automatically added to the dock toolbar when closed. This allows users retrieve the window back temporarily by clicking on its icon.
  • Contextual toolbar: Situated on top of the viewport displays, the contextual toolbar displays shortcuts and  commonly used settings of the currently selected tool. Viewport options are also featured as well as shortcuts to baking interface and render modes. 
  • Quick menu: Tool or fill layer setting can now be easily accessed by right-clicking in the viewport.
  • Revamped viewer and display settings: Display, Camera and light settings have now been merged into one single window, giving shader parameters their own space, making them easier to manage.
  • Drag and drop assets directly in the viewport: Users are able to grab any material or smart material and drop it onto a mesh directly.

Enhanced performance and stability

Performance and stability has been improved across the board. Loading, saving, viewport performance, and thumbnail generation are just some of the features that will benefit from this upgrade.

Updated content

3D noises have been added to the procedurals section, while a new 3D Gradient generator allows users to create linear gradients and masks in 3D space easily.

“It’s great to see that so much has been included in the Substance Painter spring update,” comments Graeme Pitt, Head of Software at Escape Technology. “With the updated interface and new toolbars, it’s clear that Allegorithmic are focussing heavily on user feedback.”

To learn more about Allegorithmic products and license contact Graeme Pitt.