Spectrum: New 100GB products from Mellanox

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Spectrum: New 100GB products from Mellanox

Mellanox released the 100GB Spectrum ethernet switch - a product we’re pretty excited about.


Boasting the most efficient performing server and storage system Ethernet solution for Enterprise Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, High-Performance, and embedded environments - we can look forward to even greater Ethernet performance, efficiency and throughput, low-latency and scalability for data center Ethernet network.

With this newer 100G product you can put four generations of network capability on the ground today. Seamlessly move from 10-25G with just a change in optic - so no need to reinvest in fibre plant. You can also move the 40G ports from 40-50-100 as your business needs demand it. There’s no upgrade costs and no shock capital expenditure for chassis swaps. It’s ready to go today!

In regards to latency for gaming, sub 250ns vs the rest at 550ns means significantly less congestion and a better user experience. All at a lower capital entry point with significantly lower operational costs due to simplicity, automation, power and cooling requirements.

To take a closer look at the finer details, download this product brief >>