Special Effect: One Special Day 2020

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Special Effect: One Special Day 2020

It’s that time of year again when the incredible team at Special Effect put on One Special Day.

The annual event has become something of a red letter day in the gaming calendar. Whether you’re a development studio, software vendor, or through and through gamer you should be aware of Special Effect and the work they do.

For four years now I’ve had the privilege of being an ambassador for this amazing cause. Special Effect – the self styled “gamer’s charity” – are something unique: they’re dedicated to bringing games to the disabled. By creating customised control interfaces the team gives a sense of wellbeing and inclusion to people who would otherwise be all but excluded from the gaming world. 

It’s obvious to anyone who visits the Special Effect website that the work they do is important and more than worth supporting. Which is where One Special Day comes in.

One 2nd October game studios across the country will be donating 100% of their gaming revenue to the cause. Whether it’s subscriptions, advertising, or in-app purchases there’s a chance to bring more funding to the work that Special Effect does. And now, when getting out and seeing our loved ones is much harder than it normally is, that work is more vital than ever.

So if you’re planning on buying a game, a new in-app add-on, or even playing something freemium then make sure you do it on 2nd October. You could be helping Special Effect.

Find out more and donate on the One Special Day website

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