SIGGRAPH 2015 announcements: NVIDIA DesignWorks

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

SIGGRAPH 2015 is full swing in LA this week and we’re taking steps to make sure you’re up to date on the hottest announcements at this year’s show. Kicking off this blog series we have NVIDIA who have unleashed some new Quadro cards as well as their DesignWorks suite of tools for interactive photorealistic rendering aimed at designers.

SIGGRAPH 2015 announcements: NVIDIA DesignWorks


DesignWorks is a collection of software tools, libraries and technologies for developers creating professional graphics and advanced rendering applications.


With CAD and AEC developers specifically in mind, NVIDIA are bundling a number of tools that include rendering, materials, display, VR and live video. Among them:

A calibrated, physically based rendering and light simulation framework, which includes new algorithms which reduces the time spent visualising design changes.

NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL)
Technology to create and share digital models of real-world materials between applications. MDL will also be available soon as a software development kit, offering a simple solution for developers to access the growing MDL ecosystem.

NVIDIA vMaterials
A collection of calibrated and verified materials for use in MDL-based applications.

A framework for building ray-tracing applications. OptiX now includes support for the NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance, providing scalable performance from laptops to data centres.

DesignWorks VR
A collection of tools for incorporating virtual reality into design software.

Now design professionals can access the pioneering tools created by NVIDIA in both physically based rendering (PBR) and physically based materials - which are tools already largely used in media and entertainment (film production and game dev specifically) when striving for the most photo-realistic results possible.

Access to tools and support for DesignWorks can be found through NVIDIA’s web portal and developer forums. Training and technical presentations will also be available at industry events like SIGGRAPH (if you’re at the 2015 SIGGRAPH in LA, enquire at NVIDIA’s booth #500) and their annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

Quadro cards M4000 and M5000


Not long after the introduction of their Quadro M6000 at NAB in April, NVIDIA introduce another two cards at SIGGRAPH 2015. An extension of the DesignWorks launch (mentioned above) are NVIDIA’s new Quadro cards M4000 (8GB/1664 cores/2.6 TFLOPS) and M5000 (8GB/2048 cores/4.3 TFLOPS). Announced today, these cards replace the Quadro K5200 and Quadro K4200 promising double the performance.

For a more in-depth look at these new cards, Ryan Smith offers great insight on AnandTech

And finall - if you're lucky enough to be at SIGGRAPH 2015 make sure you visit NVIDIA's booth (#500) as they challenge visitors to spot the Real or Rendered image out of a selection of images.

Nvidia realorrendered