SIGGRAPH 2015 announcements: Google cloud-based rendering

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cloud-based rendering is a big theme at SIGGRAPH this year and Google are showcasing their Cloud Platform with creative partners Chaos Group, The Foundry, Pixar, Avere and Thinkbox Software.

SIGGRAPH 2015 announcements: Google cloud-based rendering


Rendering in the cloud certainly sounds awesome but those responsible for the security of a project will be understandably nervous. So you may be glad to know that security is a major concern for Google too who understand the importance of protecting IP and the work of creative professionals. From the very early days of Google, world-class security has been at their core and remains their key focus for the Cloud Platform. Working closely with studios and governance bodies to ensure they meet the highest standards of data security - they’re aiming for the most stringent security requirements in the industry.

Launching Media Solutions by Google Cloud Platform at SIGGRAPH 2015, Google showcase the variety of ways studios and individual artists can harness their tools. From rendering and archiving to video processing (transcoding and content distribution around the world for live streaming).

Google have also announced the public beta of their cloud-native rendering solution Zync which will be available for artists to test out from 20th August. Sign up if you’d like to get involved.

Atomic Fiction, Framestore, and RodeoFX are already utilising the tools available on Google's cloud platform and apparently pushing what’s possible with creativity in the cloud.