Shotgun 8 Released

Tuesday, 04 December 2018

Autodesk has released Shotgun 8, adding a new cloud connected desktop experience designed to improve 3D workflow, streamline feedback, and track task progression.

Shotgun 8 Released

Along with an all new look, Shotgun now includes Shotgun Create – a new tool that connects to the cloud, enabling artists and reviewers to access media both locally and remotely. 

Shotgun 8 key features:

Media playback and annotation

Videos and image sequences can be played back regardless of they’re stored locally or remotely. Annotation tools enable reviewers to give precise feedback on individual frames. 

Streamlined workflow

Artists can easily keep up with deadlines thanks to the My Tasks feature. Feedback can be accessed through Shotgun’s built in reviews inbox.

View task history

Project notes, references, and version history are collected onto a single screen for quick reference.

Simplified administration

Shotgun Create gives admins tools to group project statuses together so artists can track progression. Tasks can be categorised as upcoming, active, or done.

Integration with creative tools

Launch applications within Shotgun Create straight away. Files can be loaded directly into the application ready for review.

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