See us at Fusion Meetup

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Birmingham's Fusion Meetup is back on Thursday 16 June, and we're proud to be sponsoring with HP.

See us at Fusion Meetup

Over the past six months, Escape Technology has been venturing out beyond London to meet and work with studios around the UK (and Germany, of course). Recently, we've been up to Dundee with D3, and in the next month alone we're out to Leeds, Nottingham and Brighton. More on those soon.

Our games development expert Neil Parmar is based in Birmingham, and is particularly looking forward to Fusion Meetup. This events attracts industry leaders and professionals from across the technology spectrum to present and network. Previous speakers have included ticket sellers, taxis and a company who are developing videogames as healthcare. It's a really interesting range, and a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the region and promote its business growth - while learning a few things we never expected to know too. 

This is an exciting time for games development and an exciting time for Birmingham. See us at Fusion, or if you can't make then call Neil to talk about optimising your pipeline to grow your business