Escape Technology’s Neil Parmar Features in Scottish Games Network

Wednesday, 09 November 2022 14:41
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Escape Technology’s Support of the Scottish Gaming Renaissance


Neil Parmar, Account Director of Escape Technology, represented the company in the recent Scottish Games Week, which Escape sponsored. In celebration of Scotland’s burgeoning games development industry, Parmar spoke with the Scottish Games Network to discuss how the reseller and end-to-end solution provider has been helping Scottish studios to grow. 

Beyond simply selling tech products and software licences, ET also provides its own tech expertise, with specialist consultations designed to guide clients towards solutions that are right for them. This is possible thanks to Escape's unique company structure, which prioritises product expertise over sales ability.

“Most resellers won’t invest in knowledgable people over salespeople. We do sell, but we also invest in the team…99% of us being ex-industry.”

For Neil and the rest of Escape, the overwhelming majority of the company having spent years in industry is the central, irreplicable ingredient to being a great reseller and solution provider. Decades of collective knowledge has helped the company to guide countless customers in learning which solutions will fit their needs. 

This way, Escape's structure ensures that the people selling the products know the products. “We as a business can talk to the artists, but we can also talk to the IT team as well. We can get full dev teams in a room and act as a moderator between them.” says Parmar. “Often when we go to see a game studio who are looking for a specific product, we’ll ask: Why? Why do you need that?”

Escape’s approach ensures the customer knows exactly what they need. It’s an unorthodox sales approach, one that refuses to push a certain product or service onto the customer. Rather, the company operates by helping customers to understand what they need, thereby taking a customer-oriented approach.

“It’s not about selling licences, it’s about selling our services and our knowledge.” 

Escape now looks after approximately 75% of the games companies in the UK, so this business philosophy is clearly a roaring success, both for the reseller and its customers.


Gaming’s Industrial Revolution in Scotland


Parmar is eager to help nurture the renaissance in Scottish games development. “We had a dark hole in Scotland for a while, where there was no real development going on, but now all of a sudden, it’s a real player.” Part of this company philosophy is to help nurture smaller, up-and-coming game studios, not only the more established industry players. For Neil, it’s about helping startups and micro-teams in the same fundamental way as Escape would a large, hundreds-strong studio.  

“The game development community across the UK is an extension of us, as a family...from the two-man teams up to the AAA studios.”

Naturally, the Escape team is proud of the help they’ve been able to provide, and the effect it has for customers. “We were proud to support Scottish Games Week. We have a lot of clients in Scotland, and by supporting the event, we’re really demonstrating our support for the games industry, and for Scotland as well.”

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