RTX, GTX and You

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RTX, GTX and You

Great news for professionals and gamers alike from the NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference (GTC). RTX technology is being backported to GTX GPUs with the caveat of the word ‘basic’ being thrown in. 

Initially, NVIDIA had claimed that the previous card architecture (Pascal) wouldn’t handle the ray tracing that the new RTX series can. The new architecture has been developed with a specific focus on ray tracing technology, thus anything sporting the ‘R’ in front of the TX will outperform the GTX series hands down. 

However, following Jensen Huang’s announcement at GTC anyone using the previous generation of NVIDIA cards* will be able to utilise some of the features that RTX enabled software and games have developed within the confines of what the card can deliver. Which means that Pascal series GTX cards will be able to handle at least basic ray tracing in game engines and rendering.

This is great news for anyone who has invested heavily in GPU render and may have felt a little left out on the launch of the RTX series and the ray-tracing benefits it brings. 

Here at Escape we’re excited about what this backwards compatibility will mean for our customers. If you’re using Pascal cards in your rendering pipeline then you’ll be able to benefit from at least some of the cutting edge ray tracing technology that’s coming to the fore. Contact us for a pipeline review and we’ll see how you can integrate the latest tools.

Catch the livestream here: https://www.ustream.tv/gpu-technology-conference

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