Richard McGuinness Moves On

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

It is with great sadness I announce that Richard McGuinness is moving on from his role at Escape Technology. Clearly only because Blackberry are stopping production of their Classic range of phones (Rich has been through so many and is distraught that production has halted. There are no replacements left out there, and he can’t function without one!)

Richard McGuinness Moves On

We’re all very sad to see Rich go. He is at a point where he wants to challenge himself and find new opportunities and it is with all of our support here that he does so.

It’s been great working together and still feels like yesterday that he joined me to set up the hardware division, then at Escape Studios. Rich rocked up to Shepherds Bush for his interview and soon had his feet up on the desk chatting about football (yawn). I didn't have a clue about this hardware stuff nor this somewhat cocky but confident bloke, a biker and Arsenal freak. All I knew was literally everyone knew him. And that was good.

A decade later and Rich has continued to be the enigma he always has been. A bit of rebel, taking no prisoners and standing firmly by his beliefs. The indisputable fact is: Rich put his heart and soul into everything he did, and always put customers first. He would get frustrated when suppliers let us down on deliveries because all he cared about was delivering on time and ensuring clients got exactly what they needed.

We all have that ethos here at Escape. It’s an inherent part of our culture and the engine room behind Rich is very much still here so the support and care we have for our customers will continue to strengthen.

Personally, I would like to thank Rich for everything he’s done for us through the ups and downs of life… and coming off bikes. And for his friendship. I'm sure it's not the end. Just the beginning.

On behalf of the team and myself we wish lots of love and luck to Rich on his new journey.

Mark, and the team;

Lee, Graeme, Neil K, Dom D, Dom M, Ellen, Paul, Amelia, David, Nick, Jason, Mark, Neil P, Corrin, Amber, Ant, Tim, Rob, James, Simona, Jeff, Harrison, Phil, Fabio, and Jennifer.

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