Rebuilt from the ground up, OCULA from The Foundry comes of age

Monday, 09 June 2014

What's new?
OCULA 4 introduces a complete overhaul of our industry standard stereo post production toolset. It is an extensive rewrite with state-of-the-art algorithms, GPU acceleration with the same results on CPU, completely new workflows to ensure fast turn-around times no matter how many hundreds of shots you face.

Rebuilt from the ground up, OCULA from The Foundry comes of age
  • Sharper more accurate images
  • Manual fixing reduced
  • Fast shot turnaround

New features

OCULA 4 includes new long awaited features plus general feature updates, including:

Quick and easy alignment correction and automation
The Solver controls have been simplified, feature matching has been updated and users can now auto-analyse a sequence, automate setup from the terminal and there is a new click & drag workflow to quickly lay down user matches to lock down vertical alignment.

The Vertical Aligner has been updated to include all alignment methods in a single node and allows users to correct scale and parallax to avoid multiple filter hits. Users can also export alignment to a separate STMap to work with the original plates.

A complete rewrite for highest quality results
The Disparity Generator has a completely new engine that gives clean more stable disparity vectors calculated from multiple frames which separate at depth boundaries to avoid roll-off and remove any "warp-field" effects in image builds and colour or focus matching.
The Vector Generator has a completely new engine that calculates more consistent vectors and reduces the “jello” effect in building retimed shots.

Sharp, more closely matching images
The New View tool has been rewritten to generate sharper images that match the original plates more closely. New controls handle occlusions and edges, with occlusions now cleanly defined to reduce paint fixes.

Colour Matcher has been rewritten to create sharper images that match local colour changes at a smaller a block size, without introducing image distortions that change parallax. Additional new tools also control noise and reduce image flicker.

The Focus Matcher has been replaced with a completely new plugin to match the edge structure in the image, removing issues with ringing, pixel shifts and correlated noise.

Powerful review and quality control tools
The Stereo Review Gizmo has been enhanced to allow users to quickly line up left & right views to check alignment and colour differences, and also adds assists for playback, depth rack and exporting transforms. In addition a new Disparity Review Gizmo allows users to review and setup disparity to quickly see glitches in a shot where attention is required.

GPU Acceleration
Every new plugin has been rewritten using the Blink framework to run on the GPU where available with the same results on the CPU for consistency on a CPU render farm.

Production Toolsets
OCULA 4 now includes toolsets, standard templates designed to get the best results first time in plate preparation, colour correction and vertical alignment. There are 6 toolsets covering shot review, disparity set up, colour correction, alignment, final review and a full pipeline to step through the key stages in setting up an OCULA tree. The templates include review tools to QC each stage to help reduce iterations and speed-up shot turn-around.

"OCULA 4 looks brilliant! Why didn't it exist back in 2012 during The Great Gatsby? If only it came with a time machine, so I could rescue my team from super awkward stereo issues we faced in that long hot summer. We could have sat by the pool being showered in glitter rather than tweaking disparity maps late into the evening. "Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can!". - Alex Fry, Comp Lead on The Great Gatsby