Pixar Release RenderMan Pro Studio 18.0!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Today our friends at Pixar announced the release of RenderMan Studio 18! With new and more productive workflows, the power of Pixar’s Renderman is accessible to visual effects creators everywhere! 

Combining an intuitive suite of creation & design tools with RenderMan Pro Server 18, the newly RenderMan Studio 18 is perfect for creating high quality 3D animations & visual effects.

RenderMan Studio 18 comes powered by RenderMan’s state of the art path tracer & has a number of new features including –

  • New controls for lighting
  • New geometric area lights
  • Accelerated re-rendering capabilities
  • An extended shader library
  • Advanced subsurface scattering
  • Support for per-light AOVs
  • In addition to all of these new features the Pixar image tool “it” has been completely re-written for improved performance and usability when shading and lighting.

Want to know more about RenderMan Studio 18 or any of the RenderMan products? Get in touch with the team & we’ll give you the low down!

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