Friday, 25 November 2016

Virtual reality creation and consumption requires a higher level of graphics performance. In fact, it needs up to seven times that of a normal PC game.


In the advent of more affordable HMDs and more powerful GPUs, NVIDIA launch new tech solutions designed to achieve more compelling, comfortable and realistic VR experiences.

Quadro VR: As real as it gets!

NVIDIA are heavily invested in providing solutions for professional VR and AR developers. Their technology is designed to tackle issue of cyber sickness, achieving higher frame rates and the ability to simulate "true presence". The launch of the new generation of Quadro is enabling game and professional VR developers to meet increased computing demands to deliver the smoothest, most immersive and life-like VR experiences possible.

To help you determine which Quadro card is suitable for your VR workflow, you can now look for the NVIDIA VR Ready logo and feel confident in the knowledge that you’ll achieve the level of performance and capabilities essential for the best VR experiences across professional applications.

For example, the GPU architecture of the new range of Pascal graphics cards [Quadro P5000 and P6000] guarantees incredibly fast performance, colossal memory capacity and a high quality visual workspace. They were designed with VR worflows in mind to support simultaneous multi-projection and preemption context switching. The Quadro M5000 and M6000 cards are also given the VR Ready stamp of approval.

Check out our recommended workstations for a “VR Ready” workflows.

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NVIDIA also have a suite of APIs, libraries and engines available to support application and headset developers. They call this VRWorks™ and it enables a new level of presence by bringing physically realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions and simulated environments to VR. It also includes features that assist with VR environments like CAVES, immersive displays, and cluster solutions.

To learn more, visit developer.nvidia.com/vrworks

NVIDIA Developer Programme

As a VR developer, it’s being aware of NVIDIA’s developer programme, which offers a great many benefits as well as support to developer partners. These can include:

  • SDKs to get the most performance and quality out of your application
  • Hardware support for testing and demos
  • Marketing support to promote your content to the NVIDIA customer base
  • Access developer tools to profile and optimise your content
  • Access to developer technology experts who can answer questions and help you solve problems
  • Industry leading research across display technology, graphics, deep learning, audio, and physics.

To learn more about how to join the NVIDIA developer programme visit developer.nvidia.com/join