NVIDIA Cease Mental Ray Subscriptions

Friday, 15 December 2017

NVIDIA has announced it will no longer offer subscriptions for their 3D rendering plugin, Mental Ray.

NVIDIA Cease Mental Ray Subscriptions

New subscriptions will no longer be offered for Mental Ray standalone or the plugins for 3ds Max and Maya. NVIDIA has, however, confirmed that customers will continue to receive support from their Advanced Rendering Forum until their subscription ends. Users with annual licences will also be able to download permanent versions.

In an FAQ on their website, NVIDIA comment that they plan to “bring AI and further GPU acceleration to graphics” by focussing on developing SDKs and technologies for software development partners.

“NVIDIA is committed to bringing GPU accelerated ray tracing to all mainstream renderers,” says Graeme Pitt, head of software at Escape Technology. “This move is the next step in that process. It will, of course, affect a number of studios, but Escape Technology is able to offer consultancy sessions to investigate any potential blockers.”

To find out how the cessation of Mental Ray affects you contact Graeme or our sales team.