Next Limit Introduce GPU Rendering in Maxwell Render 4

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

GPU rendering is a popular solution for significantly faster render speeds. We’re seeing a growing number of manufacturers develop solutions that harness GPU and the development team at Next Limit are riding that wave with Maxwell Render 4 - coming very soon.


Maxwell Render 4 Maxwell Render 4

To learn more about the science behind GPU rendering - check out Tim Harcourt’s blog >> 

For the past two decades the software development company, Next Limit, have dedicated their R&D to simulation techniques, advanced mathematical models and programming methodologies. They are best known for the simulation software Maxwell Render, XFlow and RealFlow - software solutions largely used in architectural visualisation, engineering and product design. However, RealFlow and Maxwell are also adopted for in-game cinematics, lighting backgrounds or environments and fluid simulation for film and commercials.

In the moody title sequence for the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Blur Studio created their fluid simulations with RealFlow which gave the FX artist a stable but speedy fluid solver to apply custom controls and output data.

Combine RealFlow with it’s fully compatible sister product, Maxwell Render, you get a recipe for brilliantly realistic finishing. The emphasis for Maxwell Render is speed and it’s ability to mimic the physics of real-world light to create photographic realism - hence us seeing it used by many architectural visualisation departments.

And now with Maxwell Render 4, Next Limit are speeding up the render process even more with a new engine that harnesses the power of NVIDIA graphics cards. The technology being used is very similar to that of a classic CPU engine - so you can expect the same quality in your render, but in less time.

Maxwell Multilight Standalone is also a new feature in V4 which will allow you to apply endless lighting set-ups in realtime - eliminate the need for re-rendering. You can also edit lights before and after a render is complete, create lighting catalogues for clients and automatically update that catalogue with different lighting positions or geometry.

In Maxwell Render 4 you can also look forward to a new materials gallery as well as support for RHINO for Mac.

In honour of this new release, for a limited time you can get 30% off Maxwell Render V3. Buy a copy today and upgrade to V4 for free when it’s released later this month.