New update for Cinema 4D

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New update for Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Release 20 is the latest update for Maxon’s 3D animation solution, featuring node-based materials, MoGraph fields, and ProRender enhancements.

Node-based materials

Now you can create simple materials that link textures to multiple channels allowing for easy adjustment and enabling you to create complex shaders that can be used in advanced and physical render engines.

MoGraph fields

Revolutionising Cinema 4D’s MoGraph feature, fields make it easy for you to create complex effects by combining falloffs.

CAD Data Import

Directly import Solidworks, STEP, Catia, JT, and IGES files into Cinema 4D. Drag these files into your workspace to edit them.

Volume modelling

Thanks to Cinema 4D’s OpenVDB-based volume builder and mesher, complex shapes can be created by adding or subtracting shapes in boolean-type operations. By turning noises and the new MoGraph fields into geometry you can create animated growing effects with ease.


Utilising the power of GPU rendering you can create physically accurate renders in Cinema 4D. Packed with production-level features including sub-surface scattering, motion blur, and multi-passes ProRender now gives your 3D models even greater detail.

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