Mudbox 2019 Released

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Mudbox 2019.1 – the latest offering from long-time Escape partner Autodesk. This fact alone immediately scores Mudbox a point under the umbrella of service, wherein users can expect a seamless flow between other software packs from the Autodesk roster.

Mudbox 2019 Released

Autodesk really seems to have nailed the workflow elements of sculpting software. If you’re inclined to work with either Maya or 3ds Max you should feel right at home when handling Mudbox 2019. A particular highlight this time around being the painting module: a sleek and very solid feature of the latest iteration.

Mudbox 2019.1 has paved the way for enhanced cross-platform compatibility with improved workflow between Photoshop and a whole host of other 2D design software. Photoshop blending modes are now applicable to your 3D objects, with the added convenience of importing PS layer masks on your models going forward.

Now, let’s get into what really propels Mudbox to the sculpting forefront of 2019. I had heard our own Lee, Graeme and others singing Mudbox's praises for a while so decided to delve in myself. After a bit of research, it became apparent that this programme should be a staple of any sculptor's arsenal at an industry level, especially now there’s a new interface that facilitates the use of 4K monitors.

19.1 lends itself to creative projects, and one of its major strengths lies in the fact that the tool isn’t heavily dependent on exact parameters and dimensions and users needn’t formulate sculpts within a static parametric. 19.1 affords users a real flexibility and facilitates letting the creative flag fly.

Building on this strength, using Mudbox 2019.1 is not a very complex exercise. Users don’t need to spend masses of time trawling through convoluted lists of commands or endure the “to execute this, what does Mudbox call it and how do I locate it?” routine. It’s really not like that. 19.1 is as intuitive as they come. When you’re sculpting (as you would in clay) you are literally either building on top of a form or you’re cutting into and extracting. Mudbox, alongside the rest of Autodesk’s offerings, is moving in a very positive direction and 2019 seems only the beginning of its possibilities. 

Purchase Mudbox here and happy sculpting!