Media and Finance Lead In Remote Working

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Media and Finance Lead In Remote Working

Earlier this year Escape Technology commissioned a report into the state of remote working within the VFX industry. It turned up some fascinating statistics, including just how unprepared many businesses were to tackle the challenge of a decentralised workforce.

If you haven’t read the full report you can find it here.

This week Teradici published its own summary of lessons learned from the global pandemic. The Separation of Work and Place provides some interesting insights into the new state of play. Surveying over 700 people from different industries, Teradici has come up with a comprehensive document that in many ways echoes the findings of our own Spring report.

It’s interesting to note that both reports show roughly 50% of businesses didn’t have a working from home policy in place before the start of this year. A third of those surveyed needed to procure new hardware to enable remote working, and a further third looked to implement a VPN system for staff access to central resources.

However, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry was - in fact - already a heavy user of remote access solutions such as PCoIP or HP’s Z Central Remote Boost (formerly RGS). M&E was second only to the financial sector in leading the way forward for remote access. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, security concerns were one of the most raised barriers to entry for many companies looking to enable remote working for their employees. However, the numbers are now significantly lower than they were previously - with 65% of respondents saying they had no concerns when using remote desktops. 

Overall, Teradici’s report is well worth a read. Remote working and co-location aren’t going away and it’s this kind of forward thinking approach that will solve the infrastructure challenges of the next few years. 

If you’re interested in deploying remote working solutions across your business - whatever the sector - get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

And if you’d like to learn more about HP’s Z Central Remote Boost - the free remote access software bundled with all HP workstations - you can listen to our podcast with LipSync’s Barry Zubel on Soundcloud.