Maxwell Render for Houdini updates released

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Updates to Next Limit’s Maxwell Render plugin for Houdini, the 3D animation plugin, have been released.

The Maxwell Render plugin for Houdini has joined seven other updates from Next Limit in October and brings new features including an updated ROP interface.

Houdini uses a procedural, node-based workflow to enable users to create content faster. Delivery timelines can be reduced dramatically, and is ideal for modellers, lighters, character riggers, and animators.

The Maxwell Render for Houdini plugin provides a close integration between Maxwell Render and SideFX Houdini, making it possible to set Maxwell Render specific parameters within Houdini and exports complex scenes to Maxwell Render.

Users of Maxwell Render v3 can download the update for free from Next Limit’s customer gateway. If you don’t use v3 but would like to try it then head over to the demo area of the website, or contact Escape Technology.