Lightfields for Architecture VR

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Lightfields for Architecture VR

More than 100 years ago, Gabriel Lippman won a Nobel Prize for his Photographie Integrale which introduce the core concept of what we know today as light fields.

What Lippman couldn’t have realised was how revolutionary his idea would be all this time later. Technology has advanced to such a level where we’re now able to deploy this theory into use with technologies such as Presenz VR. But what does it take to do it, and how can it be achieved in a practicable fashion?

Escape Technology hosted Presenz VR and Unity Technologies in an exclusive CTO Breakfast event at our offices in central London. You can view the slides below or contact us to get a copy of the full presentation with audio from Lee Danskin (Escape Technology) and Tristan Salomé (Presenz VR).

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