Introducing Resource Planning Views in ShotGrid


Producers and managers will be able to quickly identify areas where artists are overloaded or underutilized with live data views of their artist resources, and easily rebalance work across the studio, projects, and departments.


New Resource Planning views in ShotGrid mark a major milestone for the production management toolset. With a focus on equipping Producers and Managers with more robust workload and capacity workflows into their studio’s pipelines, ShotGrid adds new viewing capabilities that leverage live production data —allowing studios to easily and efficiently optimize the utilization of artist resources across the studio, projects, and departments. 

Growing demands put enormous pressure on creative studios to deliver more projects in less time, with less resources, and with smaller budgets. Studios need to be able to accurately bid on new projects and confidently deliver work on time and on budget.

Optimizing Resources is a key factor in a studio’s ability to meet market demands and protect margins. Given the complexity of production, studios face unique challenges as they work to manage vast amounts of resources across multiple locations and projects. Studios need to be able to track where resources and time are being spent with workflows that enable them to capture data automatically and always know the status and health of their projects.

Dynamic nature of production means changing timelines, deliverables, and budgets. Studios need big picture views across projects and departments, and workflows that capture production data automatically so they can quickly view and optimize utilization of resources on their teams.


Solutions with Resource Planning Views

Easily Compare the Capacity and Workload of Artists

The new high-level view provides Producers and Managers an overview of their studio’s Artist capacity and workload across all projects and departments so they can easily see when and where Artists can take on more work or when they have been assigned too much. 

View by Departments or Projects

Dynamic Department and Project views provide a breakdown of Artist resources and the work assigned. Visualize the data by departments across all projects with the Department View, or by each individual project and their departments with the Project view.

Quickly Rebalance Overbooked and Underutilized Artists

Producers and Managers can dive into detailed views of an individual department or project and quickly identify Artists who are over or underutilized. Users can easily pull up an overview of a given Artist’s assigned tasks and adjust task assignments and schedules in real time with just a few clicks.

Customizable Workflows

With robust customizing capabilities, studios can tailor their views and data for their unique needs. Users can select custom start and end time ranges and analyze the data in a variety of chart types, configure how Workload is calculated and what it represents, and adjust the capacity on each person including contracted time—providing studios with more flexibility.



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