Introducing PixStor One

Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Here at Escape Technology we've worked with many new studio start-ups and seen a great many of them enjoy success and rapid expansion. But with growth naturally comes growing pains and when studios increase their number of artists significantly - one of the most pressing areas becomes the central storage.

Introducing PixStor One

As part of their set-up phase many studios have typically invested in one of the many entry level, 'prosumer' style solutions available from the likes of QNap, Synology or G-Tech. These present a cost-effective, short term solution, particularly when your initial budget has to encompass everything from workstations to air-conditioning. But these systems begin to groan quite quickly under the weight of expanding teams and increased data sets. So where to go from here?

The next step with central storage can be tricky. Growing studios need increasingly fast and reliable infrastructure yet a full-blown enterprise solution such as Isilon, Stornext or PixStor is likely to be too costly inside their first three years.

We've continually bemoaned the lack of a suitable product in the middle price tier which is why we're delighted to herald the appearance of PixStor One from Pixit Media. Bridging the gap between entry level and enterprise, PixStor One offers customers a robust, predictable and high density NAS option at a reasonable cost.

Based on affordable, commodity hardware yet using the same file-system software as its bigger, fully scalable sibling PixStor, PixStor One is the perfect solution for teams of up to 20 artists.

Primarily PixStor One delivers sustainable, predictable performance from a single 4U chassis solution. Owing to the way the file system writes data to disk, performance is sustained - for the life of the hardware. Add to this dual 10GB connectivity, read performance of 1.3GB/s and a usable storage capacity of up to 200TB, and PixStor becomes a very persuasive solution indeed for our smaller and medium sized customers.

To discuss your storage arrangements, give Jason Jenner a call.