International Women’s Day 2020

Monday, 09 March 2020

For over a hundred years International Women's Day has championed the achievements of women around the world – politically, economically, socially, and culturally. But it’s also a day dedicated to accelerating women's equality and visibility.

To celebrate we’ve compiled some great movements, hashtags, and people to follow for all things VFX.


International Women’s Day 2020


We’re proud to be founding members of Access:VFX – an organisation that tirelessly strives for increased diversity and better inclusion across the creative sector. As part of International Women’s Day they hosted a live podcast recording at The Mill – and we were there! You can listen to Access:VFX’s Podcast on their site.

Animated Women UK

Animated Women UK is an organisation that was created to support, represent, encourage, and celebrate women in the animation and VFX industries within the UK. By creating a network to facilitate mentoring, knowledge exchange, and education they help women reach their potential within the industry.

For more information or to become a member, visit their site.

Women in Animation

An organisation dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation, Women in Animation’s goal is for women to be represented equally on screen and behind the scenes. They provide the resources and connections to create an environment where women share equally in the creation, production, and rewards of animation.

To find out more, donate, or join them, visit their website.

Women in Visual Effects 

Women in Visual Effects is a series of portraits and videos that introduce you to the talented women in the VFX field of TV and film. The aim of the project is to inspire future generations of women with these stories and experiences, and to shatter the normal expectations placed upon them. Check out this fantastic project.

Women in Tech

As technical advisors and resellers, it's great to see the movements taking place in our own sector. One of the missions of IWD is to ‘champion women forging tech innovation’ to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. You can see more about what they’re doing on the site here. There are also several Twitter accounts you can follow, including:@womenintech and @WITWomen. And of course the hashtag #womenintech.


#HeforShe is an innovative, proactive, global movement who know gender equality is not just a women’s issue, but a human rights issue. It sees people of all genders standing in solidarity and working alongside women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality. People with a platform can and should use it to get more women of all ages, races, and abilities into our industry. Show your solidarity and read more about this movement on the site.

Best Games Made by Women 2020

Game Designing has compiled a list of the best games designed by women, such as Narbacular Drop (the forerunner for Portal) and popular 80’s arcade game Centipede.  Check out the excellent list here.

Podcast: Women in Animation and VFX

In an episode of Yellow Brick Road – our friends Goodbye Kansas’ podcast – VFX producer Matilda Olsson and Lead Animator and Supervisor Christina Sidoti talk about some of the unsung women in Animation and Film history. They explore what it's like to work in a male dominated business and discuss what can be done to increase the number of women working with VFX and Animation. Listen here.

Women in Architecture 

A partner of Make Architects, Frances Gannon talks about the ratio of women to men in architecture and shares the story of her journey to becoming a successful architect. She tells us about the early role models that influenced, inspired, and supported her, and her thoughts on ways to keep more women in architecture.

Women’s History Month

The whole of March is also Women’s History Month. The Visual Effects Society (@VFXSociety) is celebrating the occasion with Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios Executive Vice President of Physical Production. You can read her story here.


Equality is not just a women's issue, it's everyone's issue. The #EachforEqual campaign is the theme for International Women’s Day 2020, and runs all year. The theme is drawn from the idea of 'Collective Individualism.' We are all responsible for our own individual actions. These actions, as well as our conversations, behaviors, and mindsets all have an impact on society. This means we can and should actively choose to broaden perspectives, fight bias, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate women's achievements.

The campaign encourages you to strike the #EachforEqual pose and post to your social media with the hashtags #EachforEqual and #IWD2020 to support the issue and inspire others.

International Women’s Day events

Events for International Women’s Day are continuing throughout March. To find an event near you, simply visit the IWD website events page.