Golaem 6

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Golaem 6 has been released with new features and updates to enable a faster workflow for artists.

Golaem 6

The latest revision of the crowd simulation tool includes the ability to customise the way characters react to their environment, along with emit/kill behaviours. You can also use Maya geometry as sensors, furthering Golaem’s already deep integration with the modelling tool.
Watch the release video for a run-down of the latest updates.

Key new features include:

Character Perception
Customise the way a character reacts and adapts to any environment.

Channel Operators
Customise a character’s behaviour with low-level building blocks. Add realism to any scene by enhancing a character's logic, for example applying a shoulder motion for when two characters cross each other.

Customisable Transitions
Crowd TDs can now control the starting point and duration of a transition. Experience better animation quality when using build state machines for customising transitions such as walk -> walk-to-run -> run.

Emit/Kill behaviours
Characters or other simulations such as weapons can be emitted from a Golaem Placement Tool or relatively to another character. Characters can now also be removed from simulation when not needed or in the view anymore.

Traffic Behaviours
Create a road map drawn in Maya curves and Golaem will quickly create the lines and add the traffic.