Going Remote: Research Report

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Going Remote: Research Report

Over the past few months our industries have been tested. Almost everyone has experienced a change in the way we work – practically, emotionally, and technologically – and we’re unlikely to see a shift back to the way things were for a little while yet. But this period has opened up a realm of possibilities in the world of remote working.

At Escape Technology we’re specialists in the hardware, software, and services that go into running a computer graphics pipeline. That is to say, we’re in the middle of digital content creators: filmmakers, visual effects artists, game developers, architects, and educators. And on. Every business we work with has been affected by the spread of Covid-19, which is why we’ve collected together the data in this report. What we’ve found is eye opening. While working from home in the visual effects industry isn’t really the norm, it is something we’ve adapted to with incredible speed.

We undertook to discover what provisions studios have already made for remote working and how they have gone about deploying those solutions in their businesses. Our Chief Technology Officer has shared his insights into the challenges and obstacles that companies need to overcome, and our customers have shown us the benefits that technology can bring. In many cases studios have seen increases in communication with staff, greater engagement, and even challenged their creativity under the strains of working outside a single location.

Overall, at least half of the people we’ve spoken to have said they’re prepared for remote working. And that same number have said how much they get from the experience.

Thanks to technologies like HP’s Remote Boost system we’re able to provide users with a fully integrated desktop experience. It’s possible to access the power of your workstation from another location entirely – a technique that enables businesses to adapt and respond quickly to the needs of remote working. And that doesn’t just include asking current staff to work from home. Studios like Vine FX have used similar tools to expand their workforce around the world while maintaining an office in Cambridge. It’s stories like this that show the way forward for the visual effects industry as a whole.

What strikes me most about the results of our survey and the interviews we’ve conducted is how giving everyone has been with their time. Friends, colleagues, and strangers have shared their thoughts on remote working with us and we’re pleased to be able to present those findings in the document below.

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