FTrack v3 out now

Tuesday, 02 December 2014

More affordable than ever, the new FTrack is out now and features some great new updates.

FTrack v3 out now


What's new?

  • A refreshed UI – Smoother and more responsive, the unified user interface in V3 is clean, easy to understand and self-explanatory – exactly what’s needed for busy creative projects.


  • Client review – Allowing clients access to an ongoing project is easy with the updated client review. Users send a secure URL to as many clients/collaborators as they need. They can then leave their comments and feedback on a project. Review sessions are only shared on your say so, and are all fully editable, helping artists and project managers achieve clarity of vision.


  • Events & Actions – If you need a way to enhance and customise ftrack for your workflow, events and actions allow your developers to make quick additions to utilities and functionality, all without taking people out of the UI.
  • ftrack Connect – By downloading Connect to your system and using its tools, you can enable all manner of additional integration via ftrack’s web interface. It’s an easy way to import files from programmes like Premiere and Photoshop using simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Groups & Teams – A straightforward, powerful and effective way to manage teams within ftrack. You can assign groups, teams and even individuals to specific shots or elements of a project, allowing much more direct, clear communication.
  • New API – Introducing the beta version of a brand new an API that’s uniquely designed to grow with you – the more you add to it and tweak it, the more you will be able to get out of it. It starts out easily, offering much in the way of help, but allows you to grow your own workflow as you see fit – and improve performance massively.
  • Time tracking – Go beyond end-of-week logging with the new time tracking tools. Start and stop timers give far more accuracy, measuring time spent on tasks or in meetings at the click of a button. Auto-logging will also be available post-launch, and will automate time tracking even more, allowing a highly accurate picture of an individual’s time spent on each element to be painted.