Flame 2019 Released

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The next instalment in Autodesk’s compositing and effects software, features new improvements and tools, giving users even more customisation options.

Flame 2019 Released

New additions in Flame 2019 include:

Freeze mode for Motion Warp

Freeze has now been added to Motion Wrap, enabling users to keep the current wrap results at the reference frame. Users are then able to repeat this up to the next reference frame without having to update the GMask or the projection’s shape

Archive Conversion

Users can now convert archives from previous releases of Flame to the current version of the software.

New playback options for Batch and Batch FX

New playback options are now available in Batch, from the play drop down button. This makes playback now even easier.

Audio Monitoring 

Users now have the option to monitor an audio context while a node is selected.

New Node features: 

New node tools give users even more flexibility.

  • Multi-Channel Render Node
    Multi-channel content can now be generated from the render node.
  • Multi-Channel Write File Node
    The Write File node can be configured to be multi-channel when the output file format is set to OpenEXR.
  • Drag & Drop Node Replace
    Users can now drag a node from a Batch Node Bin or the schematic and replace an existing node.

Colour Management

  • Flame 2019 has introduced the following colour management changes:
  • PhotoMapLC viewing transform is now available in the Simple Linear Workflow colour policy viewing rules.
  • Colour space metadata is now read from ARRIRAW (.ari), SonyRAW (.mxf) files, and QuickTime (.mov)
  • Input Colour Space list now displays all possible input colour spaces.

Support for 2D and 3D Matte Key Effect

Flame now supports MatteKey clip and MatteKey effect enabling users to import RGBA media files and convert them to a 2D Transform effect on a Matte Container.

Connected Conform Workflow

Users can now sync individual or selected Timeline FX across segments when working with connected sources or connected segments.

Effects Tab

Flame 2019 now features an effects tab. When users now open a Timeline FX editor, the effects tab is now displayed. This new tab provides you with an in-context view of the timeline shots.

GMask Tracer

The latest Flame software now adds Motion Warp tracking to the GMask Tracer tool. Users can also use a new Matchbox shader, Matte Viewer, enabling users to visualise the matte coverage on the comp result of the GMask Tracer.


Lustre 2019 has been given improvements in the following areas:

  • The handling of floating point media
  • Panel and Surface support
  • Finishing LUT
  • DolbyVision HDR Enhancements
  • Media Import
  • Media Export


A series of powerful new Matchbox shaders have been added, from beauty targeted work to lens effects. This also includes a powerful new colour correction tool.

This is just some of the new features and improvements that have been added to Flame 2019. A full list of updates can be found here.

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