Finance Your New Hardware

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Finance Your New Hardware

For all businesses in post production and visual effects technology is at their core. From workstations to storage and render there’s no escaping the infrastructure that powers your creativity. However, the upfront cost of the latest equipment is enough to put many off investing in tools that can improve your deliverables beyond measure, and save you time in the process.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected TV and film, but it’s been impressive to see so many productions deploying new working methodologies – including enabling staff to work from home while still accessing centralised resources. So how can you continue to invest in the technology you need while maintaining a stable balance sheet? 

Financing hardware purchases is something that suppliers such as Dell and HP have started to embrace. Offering 0% interest rates that allow businesses to spread their costs over months – or even years – tools that might normally have been out of reach are now very much affordable.

Dell 0% Financing

Dell’s 0% financing has been extended until 21st January 2021, giving studios the opportunity to invest in workstations, storage, and render either by technology rotation or full ownership. In much the same way as you would lease a car, Dell’s scheme gives you the option to pay for the use of your hardware rather than owning it outright. And you can trade that hardware in after 36 months and refresh it. Or, alternatively, you can spread the cost of owning your equipment and even defer payments for 180 days on storage and networking to give your bottom line some breathing room. 

Download the Dell Financing PDF

HP Step Leasing

HP’s financing option is a little different. It’s based on the idea of deferment where your payments and interest are reduced for the first eight months of a 36 month payment agreement, with you paying 1% of the total value each month. What’s particularly useful here is that you can finance purchases from any vendor – not just HP.

Download the HP Step Lease PDF

Escape Technology

At Escape Technology we also offer rentals and short term loans to help ease the financial burden of the Covid-19 crisis. Our extensive pool of workstations, storage, and render farms can be booked depending on your need. Or you can use our unique cloud aggregation tool – Sherpa – to burst to the cloud. 

If your business is feeling some financial challenges but you still need to invest in hardware and software, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.