Escape Technology supports National Inclusion Week

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

As part of National Inclusion Week Escape Technology has joined forces with VFX houses to create Access:VFX, a cross-company initiative to promote inclusion and diversity within the industry.

Escape Technology supports National Inclusion Week

Backed by the BFI and City of Westminster Council, Access:VFX will launch with a week of workshops, presentations, and talks to coincide with National Inclusion Week. 

Hosted at various locations around London, the five-day programme starts on Monday 25th September and aims to create a platform for open conversation on issues including mental health, gender, race, sexuality, and disability in the workplace. 

“Even at the best of times some of these issues are difficult to admit to ourselves, let alone discuss in public,” comments Mark Cass, Managing Director of Escape Technology. “With this initiative, we hope - in some small way - that we can help to encourage thought, discussion, and openness for those that want to share.”

National Inclusion Week is a government-backed annual campaign focusing on the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

To register for Access:VFX or to find out more visit the website.