Google Cloud Platform: Render More. Faster.

Friday, 06 May 2016

We hosted a panel discussion at Google’s offices about the Google Cloud Platform and how the potential for the cloud to revolutionise rendering is one of the hottest topics in VFX.

Google Cloud Platform: Render More. Faster.

After Escape Technology’s presentation on cloud rendering, the panel debate that followed got lively, raising some interesting – and important – issues, from licenses to the possibility of VFX houses ultimately discarding onsite render farms altogether.

Our CTO Lee Danskin kicked off the session by addressing both the benefits of rendering in the cloud, and the implications for a facility’s pipe bandwidth and infrastructure in adopting it. Then he joined the panel discussion with Google’s Jeff Kember, Barry Evans from Pixit Media and Head of Systems at Milk VFX, Dave Goodbourn, chaired by our own MD Mark Cass.

The conversation quickly became animated, as members of the audience joined in with their stories, questions and concerns. And while Dave described the Google Cloud Platform as a “get out of jail free card” and an enabler for taking on larger projects, he pointed out that, at the moment, Milk relies primarily on its onsite render farms in London and Cardiff which are linked with each other and the Cloud via a Pixit Media storage solution.

It was great to hear experts discussing this new technology with a VFX house that is already using it. Watch the summary video and the full videos for the presentation and the discussion here.