Escape Technology at BVE 2018

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Escape Technology at BVE 2018

Partnering with HP and PNY Solutions, Escape Technology showcased the latest in high-end GPU rendering and top of the range 3D workflow at BVE 2018.

In collaboration with PNY Pro Solutions Escape Technology was demonstrating a high-end rendering setup featuring NVIDIA’s NVLink technology and two GP100 GPUs. Our hands-on rendering demo used V-Ray RT to render a 30,000,000 polygon scene in under 30 seconds. To achieve these impressive speeds, two NVIDIA GP100s were linked together using NVLink, which allows GPUs to share resources to give a workstation a powerful internal tool. By connecting GP100s in this way users can benefit from 32GB RAM and over 7,000 CUDA cores.

Escape Technology also joined HP to demonstrate an industry standard 3D workflow. We used a Z6 workstation and an NVIDIA P6000 to run Autodesk’s Maya 3D modelling software. With a maximum capacity of 384GB RAM and 36TB of storage the HP Z6 lends itself perfectly to 3D work. This combines with the power of the NVIDIA P6000, which features 24GB RAM and over 3,000 CUDA cores, to create the ideal setup for 3D artists, giving them the power they need to work on complex projects in real time.

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