Autodesk End Perpetual Licenses

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

From 31 January 2016 Autodesk will no longer sell perpetual licenses. Here’s what you need to know if you don’t want your software to go out-of-date very, very quickly.

Autodesk End Perpetual Licenses

The end to perpetual licenses is part Autodesk’s transition to subscription-based products.

Ultimately it’s going to make software more affordable, offer a greater choice of tools, and provide more flexibility with pay-as-you-go options. Autodesk will also continually improve their Desktop Subscription products, making them more tightly integrated with cloud services so you can access your license from multiple devices and at any time.

There will only be two ways you can get access to Autodesk products: Desktop Subscriptions, and Subscriptions With Maintenance. But what does that even mean?

Desktop Subscriptions

These are basically rental licenses. You get the same software that you would with a perpetual license, but with flexible budgeting and lower up-front costs. You can have multi-year, annual and quarterly terms – talk to us to find out which is best for your studio or project.

While this might sound like a massive headache there are some incredible benefits to the model. As a subscriber, you'll gain access to the latest Autodesk software releases, flexible licensing rights, cloud services, and technical support. Simply: it means you can do more for less.

Subscription with Maintenance

The only way of keeping your existing perpetual licenses up-to-date is renewing your "Subscription with Maintenance".

You currently have 364 days from the original expiry date to renew, but from 1 February 2016 there will be no grace period. If you haven’t renewed by the expiry date these licenses will be stuck on the current version and you won’t have access to previous versions, new versions, or home licenses. You can also lock in your price by choosing a multi-year contract.


There’s a lot to take in, but the crux of it is this: either renew your Subscription With Maintenance now or you’ll need to switch to Desktop Subscriptions come February next year.

To find out more about Autodesk’s licensing changes, check out the Buyer’s Guide video below - or contact our Autodesk licensing specialists. We’ll help you get set up with the right license.