EIZO's new campaign

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In my work here as creative lead at Escape Technology, I see a lot of different marketing campaigns from a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers. We genuinely believe in all the products we sell and the people we work with, but sometimes the creative just doesn’t match up.

EIZO's new campaign

EIZO is normally one of those manufacturers. Great products, but hard to put that across in a marketing campaign. Until now. Their new campaign for ColorEdge monitors is a revelation. It’s fresh, innovative, and bold. It’s a huge departure from their usual trends and bursts into the world of 21st century consumerism with vigour and panache.

They’ve done it by challenging their normal outlook. Instead of pushing the technical brilliance of their products they have put their users first. Artists don’t, on the whole, get excited by impenetrable technical specifications, or become enthralled by endless details about certifications. They - we - however, do notice when something is beautifully executed.

0844 EIZO Volcanic 03 sm

Apple is a fantastic example of this approach. They created a lifestyle around their brand and made people want it simply because it was Apple. EIZO has taken a leaf out of this style of playbook, but with a twist. They prove the quality of their products in the campaign’s execution. Not only does it make you want the products based on the imagery, you’re left with no doubt that this is a tool for professionals. If you’re into colour in any real way, you’ll need an EIZO ColorEdge monitor.

Which is true. Boasting 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut and built-in colour calibration on the CG range, these displays are beautiful in what they can do. I sit here in front of my own EIZO - now two years old - and notice how the colours of my latest PDF match the print version nearly perfectly. I notice how little glare there is. And that I feel confident in the accuracy of what I see, revelling in the depth of colour of the ink drops playing in the background of EIZO’s new site (www.eizocolour.com) all the while.

While EIZO’s products have always been great, they have never been represented in an appealing way to artists and creatives. But now, with this bold and different campaign, perhaps they’ll start to get a little recognition for what they’re all about: Living, breathing colour.

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