Dundee Game Developers: D3 is back

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

D3 returns from a summer break with a new venue on Friday 16 September. Escape Technology are sponsoring with Autodesk, so come down for a drink and a catch up. 

Dundee Game Developers: D3 is back

Tag Games set up D3 for the games community. A centre for indie developers, Dundee has seized on this event as an opportunity to catch up with like-minded souls, learn something new and even to start new projects or get a job. Gavin at Tag Games organises D3: “It’s a place where ideas and inspirations are shared,” he says.

“With so many companies attending from different sides of the gaming industry (mobile, free-to-play, console, PC) it's a great place to get a fresh perspective on what's happening and what lies ahead,” Gavin continues.

And with TIGA's recent report that 65% of games studios in the UK now have four employees or fewer, group gatherings are becoming increasingly valuable. Dundee hosts a rich mix of major developers - including Tag Games - and startups, so we're looking forward to seeing you all there. 

Tickets are available here