Deadline 10 Released

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Thinkbox Software has released Deadline 10, the latest version of its industry-leading render management tool.

Deadline 10 Released

Featuring native AWS cloud integration, this new version of Deadline enables users to expand and extend their render farms both on-premises and in the cloud as Amazon-owned Thinkbox takes its first steps to make cloud integration easier across the board. 

“By building AWS integration directly into Deadline, Thinkbox have given studios a more accessible route to cloud-based rendering,” says Anthony Gelatka, head of support at Escape Technology. 

As the cloud becomes a more viable option for visual effects companies, continuing developments to pipeline management tools become ever more necessary. Demands for by-the-minute billing, flexible licensing, and burst capacity have driven the industry forward in its adoption of the cloud.

Key new features of Deadline 10 include:

AWS Integration

With native integration with Amazon Web Services, out-of-the-box users can expand their render farms simply and securely, whether they exist on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid of both solutions. The Deadline Monitor now features an AWS Portal, which connects directly to your existing account and gives the ability to launch render nodes that connect to your on-premises farms

Usage-based Licensing 

By-the-minute licenses are now available for cloud nodes, better enabling burst render capabilities.

Execute Command Whitelist

A new Execute Command whitelist option gives users the ability to define the commands that can be executed on a remote machine. Administrators can choose from a predefined list of commands to execute remotely. This feature also removes the ability to enter arbitrary commands, but while this feature is optional it is enabled by default.

A one year license of Deadline 10 is £40, and perpetual licenses are available upon request.

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