De-Mystifying The Cloud

Friday, 24 May 2013

If you are using Adobe CS6 and need to update to the Adobe Creative Cloud but aren't sure what it is all about, we have all the information you need!

De-Mystifying The Cloud

What is happening to CS6?
For the moment CS6 can still be purchased and you can upgrade to a CS6 licence from a previous version however Adobe won't be offering any further updates to any CS6 product. All future updates will now be focused towards their Creative Cloud offerings.

CS6 will still receive bug fixes for the moment.

What is the difference between CC for Individuals and CC for Teams?
As per the name CC for Individuals is intended for a single user not looking to expand to multiple seats, the main differences between the Individual v’s Teams licence is as follows:


  • 20gb Storage
  • Payment – Credit Card
  • Fixed licence to individual – One licence per account


  • 100gb Storage
  • Payment - 30 day payment terms through reseller
  • Flexible licencing manager – add multiple licences to one account

So if you’re a business looking to for more than one licence then Creative Cloud for Teams is the best option for you.

As this is a cloud product do I have to be connected to the internet all the time?

No you do not need to be connected to the internet all the time!

Creative Cloud simply offers you cloud based services for collaboration and distributing your licences, you will need to connected to the internet every so often to validate your licences but you do not need to be online 24/7 to use the software as this is downloaded and installed just like previous versions.

What software packages are included?
Everything!  Well not quite everything but it is all the following items:

  • Photoshop® CC
  • Illustrator® CC
  • InDesign® CC
  • Dreamweaver® CC
  • After Effects® CC
  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC
  • Adobe Muse™ CC
  • Acrobat® XI Pro
  • Adobe Audition® CC
  • Bridge CC
  • Encore®
  • Fireworks®
  • Flash® Builder® Premium
  • Flash Professional CC
  • InCopy® CC
  • Lightroom®
  • Media Encoder CC
  • Prelude® CC
  • SpeedGrade® CC
  • Edge Animate CC
  • Edge Inspect CC
  • Edge Web Fonts
  • PhoneGap™ Build™
  • Edge Code CC (preview)
  • Edge Reflow CC (preview)
  • And many more additional benefits as well….

How do I manage licences?
Creative Cloud for individuals doesn’t have the ability to manage multiple licences and you only have the ability to have a single licences locked to an individual user.

Creative Cloud for Teams gives you the ability to carry out the following functions from within the VIP (Value Incentive Programme) console:

  • Invite NEW users
  • Request New Licences
  • Deactivate users
  • Transfer Licences
  • You also have the ability to restrict users ability to download updates, software and use cloud services through the Creative Cloud Packager

Is it really a monthly cost?
Creative Cloud for Teams has a yearly subscription fee, if you decide to add extra licences to your account these are added to your account and the subscription date is aligned to expire on the anniversary date of your original licence so you will be charge for the number of months.

Why should I move over now?
If you have licences of CS3 or above you can benefit from a 40% discounted to move over to creative cloud before the 31st August 2013.

There is no limit on the number of licences you can purchase and you do not need to have the same number of CS products either. 
So for example if you have 1 x Photoshop CS5 you could now get the benefit of 1 or more Creative Cloud for Teams licences at the discounted 40% off price.

If you did decide to purchase 5 or more then Adobe are willing to keep the price the same next year on these licences as well!

How do I set up an account?
To set up an account you simply need to contact Escape Technology and we will be more than happy to set this up for you and walk you through the order process.

If you would like further information on Adobe Creative Cloud, don't hesistate to get in touch with one of the team!