Flipbook: How Autodesk ShotGrid Helped to Streamline Client Review

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At Escape, the focus is always on helping our customers reach their goals and achieve success. One customer in particular, Flipbook, has shared their experiences with one of Autodesk's products: Shotgrid. 

Customer Challenge

Flipbook is an animation studio focused on creating cross-media content, utilising high-end VFX, animation and CGI. The company produces visual content for TV advertising, TV series, film, promotional games cinematics, video game cut-scenes, interactive digital campaigns and print work, for a multitude of different industry brands and products.

To remain nimble and compete with larger studios, great out-of-the-box technology is essential. As an independent studio, Flipbook requires a centralised and well-managed operation to ensure that freelance talent can get the necessary support, deadlines are met and clients are satisfied. 

Project Goals

Centralised creative and operational control are core necessities for Flipbook. Firstly, freelancers play an important role in the business. Centrally-located timesheets enable a greater degree of flexibility for the company’s remote talent pool. This helps production managers handle the complexity that comes with a network of remote workers.

From a client-focused perspective, review systems are a key part of Flipbook’s pipeline. Effective version control, and being certain that clients receive the correct version of a piece of work, is crucial for streamlining an otherwise complex, client-facing process. 


After trialling many others, Autodesk ShotGrid became Flipbook’s tool for managing client review and freelance talent management. Due to the software application’s popularity within the VFX industry, the studio was keen to see if this technology could provide the necessary solutions. Flipbook saw an opportunity to integrate ShotGrid into its pipeline, rather than sitting alongside it. 

Business Outcomes

As a result of using ShotGrid, Flipbook’s client review system has become significantly more streamlined. From an operational viewpoint, ShotGrid also assisted greatly in estimating costs and determining how best to plan Flipbook’s latest client projects.  


ShotGrid is a complex and powerful piece of technology. The limiting factors are more a consequence of the user’s own knowledge, rather than the software itself. Therefore, the more Flipbook’s artists learn and deepen their skills within ShotGrid, the more effective it becomes as part of the company’s pipeline.


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