Selected Works: Achieving Award-winning Ad Success with Autodesk Flame

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At Escape, the focus is always on helping our customers. One customer in particular, Selected Works, has shared their experiences with one of Autodesk's products: Flame.

Customer Challenge

Selected Works is a client-focused VFX company based in London, with the majority of their work coming from the advertising sector. The team has significant experience in running VFX studios in both the UK and US. This comes with a glowing record of award-winning visual effects work.

Given the fast-paced nature of advertising, Selected Works needs to maintain exceptionally high standards over multiple and equally fast-paced project timelines. With this in mind, the tool itself isn’t the only concern, but also the talent within the industry that can use it. 

Project Goals

As clients are at the centre of the studio’s work, Selected Works seeks to make the client experience as tactile and involved as possible - be that remote or in person. As a result, review sessions feature frequently.

To achieve this, the studio wanted the best tools for its roster of projects, as well as the accompanying industry talent. Underlying all this was the need for effective timeline management capabilities. 


As a tool for compositing, Flame became an integral part of Selected Work’s pipeline. Additionally, the playback and timeline management functionality, as well as the speed at which Flame worked, was second to none. Similarly, it was increasingly valuable as a tool for interactive sessions with clients.

Moreover, the artists that prefer to use Flame are among the best in the VFX industry. The skill with which artists have used to translate briefs into creative success, using Flame, has been tremendously beneficial for the studio.

Business Outcomes

The flexibility Flame gave to Selected Works was pivotal in managing its timelines and fast-paced nature of the company’s work. Flame’s competitive pricing (via Autodesk) meant that the studio could scale as needed

Similarly, as Flame can work alongside the Cloud (via Escape Technology’s Sherpa software), collaboration with artists from anywhere in the world (including New Zealand, Italy, Portugal and the US) was made far easier. Alongside competitive pricing packages, this made scaling Selected Work’s capabilities even easier. This has been essential for increasing the studio's turnover. This has always been especially important considering the variety of Selected Work’s clients, of which many are based in the US and straddle multiple time zones. 


The combination of Flame and the Cloud has proven to be incredibly successful. It has become a fundamental part of Selected Work’s business model; it enabled, and continues to enable, the creation of high-quality work, access to the best artists in the digital effects industry and opportunities to scale. 

From an operational perspective, the studio will continue to use Flame as one its primary tools for client work, with no intention to stop using it in the foreseeable future. 


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