Creative Rooms Speed Sculpting Challenge

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Each time Escape Technology runs our Creative Rooms event we host a speed sculpting competition.

Creative Rooms Speed Sculpting Challenge

Designed to stretch the skills of even the most seasoned ZBrush or Mudbox user, the challenge changes from event to event. We’re very lucky to have The Mill’s Adam Dewhirst setting the theme and this time he went with “portal”. And with some new enhancements in ZBrush that better enable hard surface sculpting we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

It never ceases to amaze me how much 3D artists can get done in an hour. We had some incredible submissions, from demons to trees, and it’s something of a nerdy thrill to just watch these sculptures come to life.

Our latest winner, at the Future of Technology event, was Pavel Mamichev from The Mill. Pavel is currently a runner at The Mill and sculpted one of the few hard surface portals submitted. When you think that this was all done on site, with no internet, in less than 60 minutes it’s hard not to think that he’ll move up from being a runner before long.

Pavel Mamichev Portal

Above: Pavel's winning final render.

We also saw some stellar work from our runners up: Sam Gordon and Henning Sanden.

Henning Sanden Portal

Above: Henning Sanden's portal submission

Sam Gordon Portal

Above: Sam Gordon's final render

And finally, there's a special mention for programmer Alex Atanasof, whose portal Adam was very impressed by too:


Congratulations to everyone who entered. And make sure you become a member of Creative Rooms to get priority tickets to the next event.