Corona 2 for 3ds Max

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Corona 2 for 3ds Max

Corona 2 for 3ds Max is out, and we’re seeing the influence of Chaos Group’s merger with Render Legion. Less than a year on from joining forces and there’s another new and improved version of Corona.

Corona 2 includes support for Phoenix FD, FumeFX, and OpenVDB giving 3D artists greater ability to use particles, smoke and fluids simulations within Corona. V-Ray integration begins with VRayMtl and VRayLight and the popular denoiser now preserves bump details.

Corona is faster and uses less memory as we expect from every new release. There’s a load more textures too and a built in toolbar for 3ds max.

It’s great to see the combined force of Chaos Group and Render Legion rapidly improving on rendering technology. Ondřej and Jaroslav from Corona both gave fantastic talks at Chaos Group’s Total Chaos event this year, there’s a link to a podcast from the event here.

You can watch the new features launch video on YouTube here, or contact us to find out what the changes mean for your particular pipeline.

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