Data Centres - a Scalable Solution for Your Computing Infrastructure?

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The power, space and cooling demands of a growing high performance computing footprint have become a common challenge for nearly all digital content providers in the entertainment and visualisation sectors.

The decreasing cost of fibre optic networks upwards of 10Gb/s, and the increasing investment by service providers to continuously extend global network infrastructure has made co-location solutions increasingly viable for creative studios.

It’s this ever-increasing viability that’s enabled Escape to invest in data centre resources and the expertise to aid our customers' transition to co-location, and enable their ability to scale their technology remotely and in turn, their businesses. 

The ideal solution comes out of a closer relationship between the provider and the customer. While data centres offer near-limitless scalability, with no noticeable effect on performance, a partner who understands both visual effects production workflows and the underlying IT infrastructure is essential. 

Escape is well-suited to being a partner in deploying and managing your co-located infrastructure, and unifying the whole process as a single management overhead. This provides a much more streamlined and efficient process, rather than outsourcing to many different suppliers. With a multitude of customers working out of Escape’s data centre, our expertise in project management, systems engineering and VFX pipeline development goes beyond simple discussions of power draw, cooling and floorspace. 

We’ve worked with a variety of customers, from digital effects and media & entertainment, to architecture. Each with differing requirements, and all enjoyed the lifting of restrictions that their physical premises would otherwise impose. Premium floor space, once dedicated to managing infrastructure overheads, was flipped to support revenue-generating client work. 

The strategic value of a data centre comes not just from being a cost-effective way to scale logistically, but also as a way to improve your creative, revenue-generating production work. Similarly, as an end-to-end solutions provider, Escape knows how to manage the necessary complexity of co-locating your technology infrastructure to a data centre. If you’d like a consultation call and explore co-location in more depth, get in touch with us here


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