Cinema 4D Release 16 presentations

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cinema 4D Release 16 may have only been shipped two weeks ago, but it's already making waves. 

And now you can watch top artists reveal some of the high end techniques used on visually stunning productions like Ender's Game, Dreadnought, and The Division. 

Cinema 4D Release 16 presentations

Head over to Cineversity to watch the plethora of videos that await you.

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New Features in Cinema 4D

Reflectance channel

The new reflectance chanel allows you to create multi-layered materials and surfaces with incredible quality. This ability brings new possibilties from creating complex materials like car laquer to a wide range of textiles.

Motion tracker

Featuring a new motion tracker, Cinema 4D now gives you precise camera reconstruction - essential for combining 3D work with live action footage to get realistic results. 


Perhaps one of the most exciting new developments is the poly-pen tool. Designed and developed from the ground up it actually lets you paint polygons in 3D space!

Along with improvements to the sculpting toolset and materials library, Cinema 4D is providing artists with even more tools than ever before to make your work as great as it can be.

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