Chaos Group and Render Legion join forces

Friday, 25 August 2017

Chaos Group today announced its acquisition of Render Legion, makers of the popular Corona renderer.

Chaos Group and Render Legion join forces

The news, announced on Chaos Group’s website, is a major commitment to the continued development of both V-Ray and Corona. With the combined teams both tools will benefit from an increased pool of knowledge and expertise.

“One advantage of being an independent company is you get to choose your own path,” reads the statement on Chaos Group’s website. “What’s exciting about Render Legion is they come from that same mindset, which makes it easy for us to work towards the same vision. Together, we’ll continue our commitment to the industry and to our communities.”

Tools from both renderers are also being adopted into one another. Corona will include V-Ray’s DMC sampler in version 1.7, while the Corona team are working to optimise V-Ray’s dome light functionality. 

“This is a strong move for both Chaos Group and Render Legion,” comments Anthony Gelatka, head of support at Escape Technology. “It will be great to see how V-Ray and Corona benefit from a shared source of R&D over the coming years.”