Autodesk Release Maya LT

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

It's official! Autodesk have now released Autodesk Maya LT, the 3D modeling and animation software tool designed for indie and mobile game developers.

Maya LT takes inspiration from the industry standard Autodesk Maya software to bring an intuitive, affordable new toolset for the creation of professional-grade 3D mobile, PC and web-based game assets.

Maya LT comes with an easy-to-navigate UI and industry-renowned 3D modelling and animation tools that enable independent game developers to rapidly deliver 3D assets into game engines.

Maya LT provides seamless integration into game development workflows with out-of-the box support for Unity 3D Engine and Unreal® Engine™ through the FBX file format for primary data exchange, and the ability to import certain 3D asset formats [Maya (.ma, .mb), Maya LT (.mlt), OBJ, FBX, AI, EPS] and texture formats (BMP, PNG, DDS, EXR, TGA, TIFF), as well as export 3D assets in FBX and .mlt.

Key features are customized specifically for the needs of mobile and independent game developers: powerful modeling tools to help create and alter 3D assets of any size and export FBX files containing up to 25,000 polygons per object, animation tools that include a skeleton generator and inverse kinematics with Autodesk HumanIK, and high-quality viewport previews to help developers view assets as they would appear in game, reducing iteration and asset creation time. 
Other key features are lighting and texture baking, giving designers professional global illumination tools to help simulate near realistic lighting through baking lighting data into texture maps, and vertex maps.
Check out this introductory video or get in touch with the team for more information.