Autodesk Licence Borrowing

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Autodesk Licence Borrowing

What is Licence Borrowing?

Autodesk says: “If you are using a network-licenced version of your Autodesk product and your network supports the licence borrowing feature, you can borrow a product licence from your network licence server to use the Autodesk product for a specified time when your computer is not connected to the network.”

This can be incredibly beneficial if you need to work remotely. You don’t need to worry about returning it either, as the borrowed licence is automatically returned to the licence server at the end of the day on the return date you set when you borrow it. You can even return a licence early if you need to.

Note: Borrowing only applies to network licences. For stand-alone licences, you may be able to use the licence Transfer Utility to transfer a licence from one machine to another.

How Does Borrowing Work?

When borrowing a licence, it reduces the count of available licences in the network licence pool. If – for example – you have a pool of 10 licences and someone borrows one, you then have a remaining pool of nine licences available for others to use – a borrowed licence is not available on the licence server.

Borrowing requires being on the network to do the borrowing, and is done on a per-user and per-computer basis. Only a machine that can make a connection to your licence server is able to borrow a licence. Once a licence has been borrowed, the Network licence Manager then keeps track of that licence, the machine that borrowed it, and the specified time period.

Note: A limited number of licences are available for borrowing. If you try to borrow a licence and are notified that no licences are available, see your network administrator for help.

If you are required, or wish to return a borrowed licence early you can do so by connecting to the network licence server. In the way you connected to borrow a licence, you have to connect to the same licence server to return it early.

How Long Can I Borrow a Licence?

The maximum length of time a licence can be borrowed is six months. This period may be much shorter if restricted by an options file. Borrowed licences are automatically returned when the borrowing period expires or when your subscription with multi-user access expires – whichever is sooner.

Note: If the borrowed licence is on a laptop, and the laptop is stolen or damaged, the licence cannot be returned early. Reducing the borrowing period helps avoid the risk of a licence being out of circulation for an extended period in circumstances such as these.

You can configure licence borrowing behavior by using an options file to specify the maximum amount of time a licence can be borrowed, restrict the number of licences that can be borrowed, and set up a list of specific users who are allowed to borrow licences.

To learn more about licence borrowing, speak to Graeme Pitt.