Autodesk - Important Updates

Thursday, 06 February 2020

Autodesk have announced some important updates regarding subscriptions to their products.

Autodesk - Important Updates

Upcoming Retirement of Two and Three-Year Subscriptions with Multi-User Access 

Due to decreased demand for subscriptions with multi-user access for longer terms, Autodesk will retire two and three-year subscriptions with multi-user access beginning 29th February, 2020. After this date, customers will no longer be able to renew their multi-year subscription or purchase a new multi-year subscription with multi-user access. Autodesk will communicate via email on 5th February to affected customers with upcoming expirations.

These retirements have no impact on multi-year subscriptions with single-user access, which continue to be available for new sales and renewals.


Managing Subscriptions and Users in Teams 

Teams are now available in Autodesk Account. Admins can use teams to organize subscriptions and users according to company divisions or projects, delegate admins to manage specific teams of users, track renewals back to users, and analyze seat usage by team. 


Price Increase on New Multi-User Subscriptions

Beginning February 2020 Autodesk will increase new multi-user subscriptions by the following percentages

Industry collections with multi-user access will increase by approximately 33%

Individual products with multi-user access will increase by approximately 14%

Existing subscriptions will not be impacted. As long as a customer renews their subscription, their price for that subscription will not be impacted by the 7th February, 2020 price changes.