Autodesk change maintenance model

Friday, 03 March 2017

Leading software vendor Autodesk has announced changes to its maintenance model.

Autodesk change maintenance model

Effective immediately multi-year maintenance plans are no longer available. Customers wishing to remain on maintenance will now be required to renew on a yearly basis. The move is aimed at encouraging a switch to Autodesk’s subscription model, which gives users greater flexibility and ease of management.

Beginning in May maintenance renewal prices will also increase by 5%. 2018 will see a 10% increase, and 20% in 2019.

In support of the change - and to recognise existing commitment - Autodesk will be running a promotion from June this year, offering up to 60% off new subscription licences for maintenance customers who decide to make the move.

Managing two different licence models is costly in time and expense, making it inefficient for both studios and Autodesk to continue with the status quo. And as the subscription model gives users access to new industry collections, improved support, and simplified administration it remains the favoured approach by the industry at large.

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