Autodesk cease quarterly subscriptions

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

From 21st March 2018 software developer, Autodesk, will retire quarterly subscriptions for new licences.

Autodesk cease quarterly subscriptions

Customers will still be able to benefit from Autodesk’s monthly and annual plans, which means users are able to take advantage of the VFX software for short or long term projects.

“This move is part of Autodesk’s continuing review of its licensing subscription model,” comments Graeme Pitt, Head of Software at Escape Technology. “While this might be something of an upheaval for studios, Escape is available to provide advice on the best licensing options going forward. This could include financing for long-term subscriptions or tailoring a multi-month package if needed.”

While most likely to impact freelancers and smaller studios, the change will affect anyone spinning up project teams to fulfill short-term briefs.

However, as an Autodesk Gold Partner Escape Technology is able to offer a number options to clients. Where studios only require licences for the duration of a project and must weigh the benefits of CapEx vs OpEx there are still several avenues to consider. 

Along with changing their subscription structure, Autodesk have updated their returns policy, allowing Subscription and Maintenance plans to be returned within 30 days of processing, while auto-renewals for monthly subscriptions can be returned within fifteen days. 

Autodesk has also confirmed that they are restoring their ten day waiver as of 1st March 2018.