AutoCAD 2018 Critical Update

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Users of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2018 will need to make an urgent update to their software to prevent premature expiry on 1st June.

AutoCAD 2018 Critical Update

A bug in the software was discovered by Autodesk and a product update was quickly released earlier this month. However, numbers suggest approximately 5,000 accounts have still not installed the fix.

If you are a user of AutoCAD 2018.01 or AutoCAD LT 20180.1 you will need to update to the 0.2 release before 1st June or risk the software expiring and becoming unusable. Users will not be able to start AutoCAD and will be presented with an “End of evaluation period” dialogue box.

To install the update simply sign in to your Autodesk account, choose Product Updates on the Management tab, and download the 2018.0.2 update.

This bug only affects users who downloaded the 2018.0.1 update, however Autodesk are recommending that all user install the latest version, 2018.0.2.

Graeme Pitt, head of software at Escape Technology, comments, “This is a vital bug fix from Autodesk and it’s good that it’s been caught. If people are concerned that their software might be affected and would like more information they should contact Escape Technology and we can talk them through it.”

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